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Get grillin' the right way with NOMAD Tumbleweed — 100% All-Natural Fire Starters. This box of 20 super dense waxed pine wood shavings offers fast & efficient kindling to make lighting charcoal fires foolproof with 15+ minutes of sustained flame. They're smokeless & odorless and will have you kicking the lighter fluid to the curb.


-100% All-Natural Pine Wood Shavings & Wax
- Fast and efficient kindling for charcoal ignition
- Long burn time (15 minutes of sustained flame)
- Smokeless and odorless fire-starting tinder
- 20 pieces (1.5 pounds of pure pyro perfection!)
- Made in Ukraine

Lighting Instructions

Use a chimney starter with two or three NOMAD Tumbleweeds to quickly light charcoal. For best results, use to light NOMAD Fire — 100% All-Natural Charcoal. Watch this Charcoal Lighting Video for more tips, tricks and best practices for igniting our super dense charcoal.

Size: 20-count
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Meticulous Design. Unmatched Performance.

100% All-Natural

Ultralight stainless steel grates are domed for extra coal clearance and superior strength & rigidity.

Smokeless & Odorless

Chemical conversion process treats & protects aluminum surfaces for ultimate durability & corrosion-resistance.

Sustained Flame

Multi-layer construction + patent pending SurfaceSafe™ tech help keep outside shell temps remarkably low — enabling you to set your rig on many unconventional surfaces.

Super Dense Waxed Pine

Chemical conversion process treats & protects aluminum surfaces for ultimate durability & corrosion-resistance.

Made To Move

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