NOMAD Grill & Smoker

How does it work?

Check out our Getting Started page or see it in action on Instagram or YouTube.

Part grill, part smoker?

Nomad is a charcoal-fueled grill and smoker.

When cooking for a larger crew, open the grill up flat and utilize both sides for cooking (with optional second grate).

With a single grate, use the hood for smoking and temperature control. When smoking, you'll have a two-zone, offset fire for indirect heat. We recommend restricting your charcoal to a third of the cookbox (to the side, nearest the intake vent), freeing up the other two-thirds to place your protein. There's no built-in deflector by design and so you have some flexibility there. We're fans of using a piece of hard wood to act as a partition while also lending smoky flavor.

Clean & care?

Cleaning your NOMAD is a snap. Let it fully cool down and then remove the ash. As needed, clean your grill with mild soap and warm water. Never use any harsh chemical cleaners as it may damage the anodized finish. Be sure to completely dry your grill and grates before storage so it’s ready for your next adventure. Listed below are best practices for clean & care (by component) to ensure your grill lasts a lifetime:


After use, you can use a NOMAD Chain Link Scrubber with some mild dish soap — just be sure to towel dry to help stave off any oxidation.

Chain link scrubbers are good for eliminating surface bits and residue without removing seasoning.

- Seasoning Your Cooking Grate:

Oiling and heating your stainless steel cast cooking grates seasons the metal by creating a protective barrier that helps prevent rust as well as helps to make the surface nonstick. To season, evenly coat your grates with a high-heat cooking oil then fire up your grill and allow it to heat for 15-30 minutes.


Proper cleaning and care of your Carbon Steel Griddle will ensure it lasts a lifetime, and maintaining an even layer of seasoning is the best way to protect your Griddle from grilling gunk.

Use warm water and your NOMAD Chain Link Scrubber to safely remove food debris without stripping off the seasoning. 

Hot, soapy water, caustic cleaners or steel wood will remove the seasoning and require it to be re-applied to avoid oxidation and rust.

As a last resort, and to safely remove your seasoning before re-applying, use Bar Keepers Friend Powder Cleanser and Polish and your NOMAD Chain Link Scrubber. Rinse thoroughly and dry completely. Any moisture will result in rust.


Although anodizing aluminum creates a very hard surface, you can actually damage it if you use a harsh cleaner on it. Here are a few best practices we recommend for cleaning the exterior of the case (that has a Type II Anodization finish)...

- Pick A Neutral Cleaner:

The best cleaners for anodized aluminum are close to neutral (in the pH range of six to eight) as opposed to anything too acidic or too alkaline. We've found that dishwashing soap and/ or Bar Keepers Friend (in conjunction with Magic Erasers) are both great choices.

- Test The Cleaner:

Before you use the cleaner on the whole area, try it out on an inconspicuous area to make sure the cleaner doesn't stain or damage the anodized aluminum before using it to clean the rest of the aluminum surface.

- Use Light Abrasion If Necessary:

A sponge with a bit of abrasion can help clean the tough surface of anodized aluminum. However, stick to something with mild abrasive properties, like a scrubby sponge (NOT a steel wool scrubber). If it's only lightly soiled, stick to a clean rag or washcloth.


When your coals are completely extinguished, you can properly dispose of the remnants by dumping the coals or by using a Shop-Vac to vacuum out the ash. The interior cookboxes are die-cast aluminum with a Mil-Spec, Type III Hardcoat anodized finish. Those parts have the same finish found in automotive and aerospace parts, so you can use a bit of dish soap there as well and could hose or spray those internal cookbox parts with a high-pressure rinse.

What's the fuel source?

NOMAD Grill & Smoker is best used with a super dense charcoal like our own NOMAD Fire™—100% All-Natural Fruitwood Charcoal.

NOMAD Fire™ hails from Thailand and is derived from a super dense fruitwood which means it burns longer & hotter while emitting less smoke & ash. Plus, there's no spitting or sparking like you'd find in other fuel sources. It offers subtle nuances of mild flavor, so it doesn't “color” the meat too much — letting your grilled food speak for itself.

Feel free to use any solid-fuel combustible or charcoal, including wood, or supplement your charcoal with chunks of smoking wood.

How hot does the outer shell get?

Outside shell temps stay remarkably low due to the multi-layer construction and heat sink integration — allowing you to set your rig on a lot of unconventional surfaces.

We often use the grill on wooden or metal tables and the like, but we always recommend starting on a non-sensitive surface until you have a good feel for the heat on the exterior of the grill. We never recommend placing your grill directly on a plastic table, a fiberglass or a composite surface.

When cooking’s complete, close the intake & exhaust vents, latch the hood closed, and the fire snuffs out — the unit cools quickly (20-40 minutes) and is ready to stow & go.

If you’re in a hurry, properly dispose of your remaining coals and the grill will cool in just a few minutes.

Are there any other sizes?

Currently, we offer the single size you see on the NOMAD Grill & Smoker's product page. When closed, it measures 20.5" x 13.5" x 9.5". When it's open, it measures 20.5" x 27.5" x 4.75". The weight is 28 pounds with a single grate and 31 pounds with two grates.

Are there any other colors?

Yes, we offer anodized Gunmetal Gray grill with food-grade silicone accent parts available in Blue, Black, Orange and Green. All those accent colors are interchangeable with a few common tools. Soon, we’ll offer custom color kits that allow you to customize your Nomad.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we offer multiple interest-free financing/ payment options (e.g., Shop Pay Installments, PayPal, etc.)

All are super straightforward and their specific processes are detailed at checkout.

NOMAD Fire™️ All-Natural Charcoal

How long does NOMAD Fire™️ last?

Our charcoal is super dense and takes at least 30 minutes to fully ignite in a chimney starter before it's ready to add to the cookbox. However, it's well worth the wait as it burns for 3-5 hours once it's cherry red at the core and ashed over on the surface.

What is the best way to light NOMAD Fire™️?

When using our NOMAD Fire charcoal, the trick is time (30 minutes) plus using a chimney starter to get your coal fully ignited before adding them to your cookbox.

Load your briquettes into the chimney starter so that they're standing up vertically

Use 2-3 NOMAD Tumbleweed—All-Natural Fire Starters to aid in ignition.

Let your coals catch for at least 30 minutes before placing them in the base of your cookbox.

You’ll know they’re ready when they’re close to 100% grayed or ashed over and glowing red at their core.

Do I have to use NOMAD Fire charcoal?

No, feel free to use whatever charcoal or solid-fuel combustible you’re most comfortable with.

However, you’ll definitely get the best use & experience when using NOMAD Fire—100% All-Natural Charcoal in tandem with your NOMAD Grill & Smoker. Our charcoal was designed specifically to work with our grill, as its incredible density helps it burn for 3-5 hours and keep a very stable (smoking) temp in the grill when the hood is closed.

Tips and tricks for setup?

For a two-zone, offset fire setup, stack your coal closest to the intake vent at the lower right or left side. We also recommend placing the briquettes perpendicular to the ridges in the cookbox so that they ride up on those fins to allow for airflow from all directions

When smoking, you'll have a two-zone, offset fire for indirect heat. We recommend restricting your charcoal to a third of the cookbox (to the right or left, nearest the intake vents), freeing up the other two-thirds to place your protein. There's no built-in deflector by design and so you have some flexibility there. We're fans of using a piece of hard wood to act as a partition while also lending smoky flavor.

For direct heat, place fully ignited coals in the base of the cookbox, perpendicular to the fins, and leave hood open for maximum oxygen and heat.

How many briquettes should I use?

If you use 9-12 at a time, you'll have steady heat for hours without needing to maintain your coals.

We light 9-12+ bricks for an extremely hot and quick sear. Alternatively, we'll use about 6-9 bricks stacked all the way to the right for 250-350º of smoking temps for hours on end.

Here are some best practices for lighting our super dense charcoal...

» NOMAD Fire // Charcoal Lighting (YouTube)

Can I use lighter fluid?

Nope. We strongly discourage the use of lighter fluid or any sort of charcoal that's been soaked with lighter fluid.

Lighter fluid is unhealthy and unnecessary. Its use could void the warranty on your grill. Instead, use an untreated charcoal along with a chimney starter.

Shipping & Returns

Free shipping?

That’s right! When we’re in stock and have inventory on-hand, NOMAD Grills ship FAST and FREE using FedEx within the contiguous United States on orders of $100 or more.

- Orders placed before 4pm CST ship that same business day.
- Domestic orders typically arrive 1–3 days after shipment.
- FedEx Overnight + FedEx 2-Day shipments are also offered at cost.
- Tracking information will be automatically provided upon shipment.

Free returns?

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, send it back within 30 days for a refund.

For returns to be processed, products must be in an unused and “as-new” condition as well as in their complete & original packaging. Used, worn or damaged items may result in the denial of a return. Refund payments are credited back to the original payment method — or store credit can be issued upon request. You may incur a 20% restocking fee if you’re wanting to return a grill that’s been used or cooked on. Please note, for international returns or shipments outside the contiguous United States, customers are responsible for their own return shipping costs.

Please email customer support at Hello@NomadGrills.com for any assistance.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship grills globally! We use FedEx International and currently offer discounted shipping rates on outbound costs (to send by air freight) and to most spots on the globe.

You’ll see that option in the delivery section at checkout. Please let us know if you don’t see your country listed.

Please note, customers are responsible for their own customs duty & taxes (i.e., VAT) as per any international purchase and those rates are country-specific. For international returns, customers are responsible for their own return shipping costs.

Unfortunately, we are unable to ship our NOMAD Fire™—100% All-Natural Charcoal to some international locations due to regulations & restrictions on solid-fuel combustibles.


What's the warranty?

Our official warranty covers defects and/ or workmanship issues that occur in the first year and as detailed below. However, we aim to earn your loyalty for life and want to ensure that every NOMAD interaction is an awesome experience, so if you ever have an issue, shoot us an email and we'll do our best to get you squared away.

NOMAD Grills products have been manufactured under rigid standards of quality and workmanship, and are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The Limited Warranty covers any product that is purchased from NOMAD Grills which fails due to a defect in materials or workmanship as long as the product is used normally and in accordance with the purposes it was designed for. If your product covered by this warranty fails due to a manufacturing defect we will repair it without charge, or replace it, at our discretion. This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, improper use, negligence, or normal wear and tear.

Please note that the warranty is voided if you modify or disassemble the grill, drill into or weld on the grill, pour lighter fluid into the grill, or use any harsh cleaners on it.

Military + First Responders

Is there a discount for military or first responders?

Yes! Thank you for your service and thanks for having our back…

You can verify your status with ID.me during the checkout process. Note, multiple offers/ discounts cannot be combined.

Other BBQuestions…

Why are the grates domed?

Our cast cooking grate is designed with that camber to add extreme rigidity to the part. Two grates will actually nest on top of one other and both fit inside the grill for easy transport. Pro Tip: flip it over and BOOM — veggie basket!

Prop 65 warning for California residents

WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.