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Use warm water and mild detergent to degrease the cookboxes and wipe the exterior shell with a clean rag. Allow parts to fully dry before storage. NEVER allow toxic chemicals (oven cleaners, etc..) to come in contact with anodized surfaces as it may damage the finish.

NOMAD Grills was designed and engineered in Dallas, TX and is manufactured in PRC. Our Tel-Tru thermostat is made in New York and NOMAD Fire 100% All-Natural Charcoal is made in Thailand.

Use NOMAD Fire 100% All-Natural Charcoal for optimal performance. Any solid fuel combustible meant for cooking can be used, such as lump wood, briquettes or locally available firewood (oak, mesquite, pecan, apple, cherry, etc...)

NOMAD Fire is a high density fruitwood and requires approximately 30-40 minutes to fully ignite. Use a charcoal chimney to aid in lighting. Add 6-12 bricks vertically in the chimney and light a tumbleweed or BBQ fire starter underneath. Wait until the bricks are washed over (gray) and fire is shooting out of the boring.

Allow NOMAD Fire to fully ignite before adding the cookbox. For indirect (two-zone) cooking or smoking, place your coal to the right hand side of the cookbox near the intake ventilation.